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As Freedom65, just as our name suggests want you to enjoy financial freedom at all ages. We are not focused on the parents and the retired but also for the youngsters who still think that they still have a long time to start planning for retirement. We urge everyone to take part in securing their wealth to save themselves from traumatic experiences when illnesses, accidents or job loss strike.

Insurance for all ages

  • For the 20’s – Youthfulness will not last so it is better to start to secure yourself. For this group income protection is quite needed. In case of disability totally and permanent insurance will be needed.
  • For the 30’s- This is the period you think about settling down and having a family and so we advise you to start paying for life insurance and income protection.
  • For the 40’s- Just like the 30’s you still need to think about life and income protection insurances.
  • For the 50’s- At this point, life and trauma insurances are effective. You can also think about saving for totally and permanent disability because as the years pass, you become more and more fragile.
  • For the 60’s- you have now reached the peak of saving at this point that you can reconsider your insurance options. Be assured that we will guide you through.


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