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Personal risk management is a very important pillar in financial plan. Without it you can consider yourself not having a plan at all. This is because when an eventuality comes knocking, all your savings, assets and other forms of wealth will be lost. When providing risk management services, we at Freedom65 employ four key personal insurances which include:

  • Life Insurance

Securing wealth is not about protecting assets and other forms of wealth when you are alive only but also when you have died. With this type of insurance, we urge our clients to save up for their beneficiaries after their death. Doing so helps your children and spouse move on smoothly without financial problems. After your death, life insurance pays a lump sum benefit to your successors. 

  • Income Protection

Yes, you heard that right! You never know when you will be fired without notice or forced out of work by an injury or illness which is why you need to insure your income. This form of insurance ensures that you are catered for during this period that you are out of work. By paying your insurance premium regularly, you stand a chance of getting payment when you are out of work until your return. If you will not be going back to work, you get paid until your benefit period expires.

  • Total and permanent disability insurance

In life you never know what can befall you. Some accidents can cause people to become disabled which is why this insurance cover exists. If you meet the policy description of being disabled, you get covered in this regard and receive benefits on the same. Having a child with disability could also be a good way of planning for his education, equipment and overall comfort through this cover.

  • Trauma insurance

Emotional and psychological trauma can catch up with us following heart breaking events such as the death of a child or a spouse. When this happens a person becomes deeply hurt and can at times be unable to cope with routine such as work or school which can affect the person not only psychologically but financially as well. With trauma insurance however, it acts as cushion that helps you recover smoothly. It pays you a lump sum benefit if you meet the conditions indicated in your policy.


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