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  • We have the know how

Risk management could sound foreign to your ears, but for us it is a daily routine. Being in the market for decades, we have gathered all the expertise we require to secure your assets. Through our day to day work we have met a number of challenges which we learned to overcome. What better way to stay secure than to hire the experts?

  • We have real relationships with our customers

At Freedom65, we appreciate our customers thus we feel the need to know you personally. We sit down with you and discuss your aspirations and fears and factor them in when tailor making services that we will offer you. We only guide you through tough decision making but you call the shots. 

  • We offer services right on time

It is quite annoying to have to wait for days to be attended to at any institution. Since we know how urgent risk management is, we are always prepared to respond to any inquiries. We don’t to have you wait and lose your hard earned wealth through risks. To make that possible we have many employees staffed strategically to attend to you when you make that call.



Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday: 7 am - 9 pm
Wednesday,Thursday, Friday: 9m- 6pm